About Us

The Barking Frog features four separate rooms (each with their own bar), a full service kitchen, heated outdoor patio, and a private vodka lounge, all of which are available for private parties. 

The Barking Frog first opened its doors in November 2001.  Since our inception, we have quickly established ourselves as a premier venue in London, Ontario.  The Barking Frog was established as a place for professional men and women of all ages to call their own.  Our dress code, high-end atmosphere and dedication to service have enabled us to fill this special niche market that has been missing from the London scene for many years.  Our customers represent a diverse cross section of the London community. 

Each night of the week, professionals from across London meet business associates or friends at the Frog for meetings or to simply wind down from a busy day. Our dedication to first class service, a truly unique ambience, great food and an exceptionally clean environment has proven to be a winning combination to our growing clientele.